Camera's can help avoid that nasty thing called employee theft, or can help assist the police in a burglary. Learn how a camera system can help you out by calling our office for a free estimate!.

Do you know who has access to your valuables?
Card access control allows you to limit access to certain areas. This system gives a whole new meaning to EMPLOYEES ONLY!Call for a free estimate to see how this system can work for you!

How is your information being transferred?
With our Data Distribution Centers, your home or office, can be that of Donald Trump's. Phone, cable, data can be easily routed and maintained. Call Our Office for details and Your FREE ESTIMATE!

What Can your house do for you?
Ever seen those episodes of Star Trek? You know the ones that the lights turn on by themselves! Well you can have that and so much more. Call our office for an appointment with a automation design specialist. Estimates are free, so what are you waiting for?

Why are you YELLING!!!
No more yelling through the house to tell the kids it is time for supper! Plus you can have the ability of playing music through the whole house and deck. Call us to find out how to simplify your life and Save your voice!

How soon will you know if a fire breaks out?
In the past Fire Alarms were a bit tricky, But not anymore. With National, State and Local regulations there is a problem no more. Systems are designed to EXACT specifications and install by A State Fire Licensed installer and Company you know you are covered. Call for your free Estimate. Monitoring for Fire systems starting as low as $25.95 per month!

Are you Finally Tired of Cable?
No Problem! We can install a Satellite system in your home or office with ease! You choose the receiver and service and we will do the rest! Don't get caught up with the free installations that leave the wires a mess. We Install and place our wires as if it were our home. Give us a call today for your free estimate!!!