Kitting, Logistics and Inventory Management
Gemini supports a wide range of military and commercial applications with services that include kitting, inventory managemnt and logistics support and service.

Inventory Management
From simple scheduled shipments through complete stocking programs, our inventory management services ensure component levels are replenished to meet the contractual requirements of our customers. Inventory may be segregated by customer and project to ensure your products are available for Just-In-Time deliveries.

All components are inspected and managed for adherence to Defense Contract Management Agency specifications ensuring our customers receive the exact product specified within their purchase order. Our products are stored in our North American warehouse facility with shipping around the globe. We custom package all our products to withstand the rigors of the harshest shipping conditions.

Our kitting servics streamline your manufacturing / integration processes by packaging various quantities of components in kits that ghave been thoroughly inspected to gurantee adherence to efense Contract Management Agency specifications. Our kits can be schedule for regular deliveries or stocked for Just-In-Time deliveries anywhere around the globe.